These writings are for the imperfect person searching for more of the Perfect God.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Seeing past it.

Do You know you're exactly where you're supposed to be?

ALL the shame.
All the failures.
All the defects of character.
All the guilt.
All the fears.
All the addictions.
All the anxieties.

God see's it.

Nothing is left unexposed.  NOTHING.

But His filter is unlike anything we can fathom...

He sees past the issue and straight to the need.
He sees past the anger and straight to the pain.
He sees past the adult and straight to the child.
He sees past the addiction and straight to the wound.
He sees past the mask and straight to the deprivation.
He sees past the perfectionism and straight to the shame.
He sees past the obsession and straight to the fear.
He sees past the guilt and straight to the grief.
He sees past the codependency and straight to the loneliness.
He sees past the hate and straight to the rejection.
He sees past the denial and straight to the violation.
He sees past the sarcasm and straight to the insecurity.

He sees us.... and loves inspite.

Cleaning up.  Picking up.
Purging out.  Plucking out... This IS God's job, not ours!

Come as you are to Him.
Authentic imperfect you.

His heart explodes for the perfectly imperfect people, such as ourselves.
The one's who recognize we don't have the power to change without Him.

Spend one afternoon reading the short three year life span of Jesus and you will quickly recognize his tenderness, his kindness, his grace which knew no boundary.

Except... when it came to one group of people... the hypocrites.

The one's who claimed to have it together while rotting away inside.

The one's who presented themselves as of importance, yet ignored those who were not.

The one's who preached a good talk, but lived a different walk.

The one's who fed on praise, but ridiculed others.

These are the one's Jesus became angry with... And I'm talking angry!!
If I've learned anything from reading about this, it's not to be these people.
Yet... my flesh fights me on this EVERYday of my life.

Ah, but the one's who humbly admit
Jesus' compassion flowed through them like a purifying stream of beauty.

I can almost feel it through the pages of His word.
to be who He originally designed them to be.

God's very character is turning ashes into beauty.

Nothing brings greater joy to His heart than doing what He does best-
Restoring and reviving a willing, imperfect soul.


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    1. Thank you Dawn! His love is powerful & transformational isn't it? Thanks for reading & sharing your heart