These writings are for the imperfect person searching for more of the Perfect God.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The back row

I passed an elderly woman sitting in the back pew of a church gripping her warn out bible while her soul cried out in a natural hymn of joy & wholeness.
My eyes catch a glimpse of her gentle spirit but my head reminding me not to stare.
But I want to stare.
I want to soak in the raw beauty of her gentleness, her love, her life story written in the distinctive wrinkles of her face.
My mind wanders into her world.....

Oh, how vividly I see she loved well without asking for anything in return.
She sacrificed her own desires to live fully dependent to His desires.
She gave up her dream of being known amongst a crowd for being known by her Father.
She was a light and source of hope to all who encountered her.
She was a shelter of refuge, safety & love for her spouse and children.
Her family knew that no one, besides Jesus, came before them.
Her love naturally bubbled over, reaching any and everyone in her presence.
She may not have reached the millions or even thousands, but she transformed lives.
She didn't have the letters of degree after her name, but she was fully convinced God knew her name.
She lived not as an orphan, but as an adopted and loved Child of God.
She didn't know all the popular books in the christian circle, but she knew the One book that transformed her soul.
To an outsider, she may have received empathy for her wrinkled face and worn-out body.
But to God, His heart gleamed with inexpressible pride over His beautiful treasured daughter who chose not the things of this world, but simply Him.
The one who gazed upon the old woman with empathy most likely struggled with emptiness, loneliness and unwanted disconnection from God.
But, little did they know this frail, insignificant woman gripping her bible in the last pew was God's apple to His eye.
Little did they know she rarely experienced unfulfillment or loneliness or lack of purpose or disconnection from God.
Why?  This old woman found  the key to life and chose to use it.

This morning I woke overwhelmed with the joy of knowing I have another opportunity to know Him more- and maybe one day, I too, can be the frail insignificant woman gripping her warn out bible in the back pew of the church.


  1. Amen, Joy! I hope I am that woman in the making:) Love your words...

    1. Thank you dear Moni! Your words of encouragement touched my heart . I join you in allowing Him to mold us into the elderly woman in the last pew of the churchđź’•