These writings are for the imperfect person searching for more of the Perfect God.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Wisdom of a child

Sitting in the over populated, stiff-chaired auditorium of my first born's 8th  grade graduation, a school slide show displayed each graduate's "life goal" along with the students picture.

Slide after slide, we were given glimpses into these precious hearts and their "life goal" desires.
Some desiring to become a doctor, some a marine biologist, others hoping to contribute at making this world a better place, while another planning to marry a rich man...

But there was one.

One in particular that pressed the mental pause button in the moment and struck a cord in an uncharted territory of my heart.

"To be a daughter of God," it read.

My heart digested it in with slow-motion-fashion, primarily because the answer didn't match the question.

Or did it?

Could that be it?
Simple- no plans, no expectations, no strategies, no ideas, no details?

Could it be this 8th grader just revealed the key to success?
Could it be this 14 year old just revealed the heartbeat of God?
Could it be this rookie-teenager just revealed the simplicity of life?
Could it be this child just revealed the rest & refreshment God designed, orchestrated and originated for me to taste?

Sitting in the 15th row of the uncomfortable hard seat, my own conscience soon matched the pressing uncomfortableness of my aching back.
Questions rushing through my thoughts and dropping like buckets of rain in my heart...

Why do I complicate things?
Why do I not trust?
Why do I stubbornly plan my own way?
Why do I seek my own desires?
Why do I inherently live like an orphan, forgetting I'm His daughter?
Why do I pursue my own needs, wants, desires?

When all along, all He wanted from my lips were the simple words from the overflow of my heart... "To be your daughter, God."
To be Yours.
Nothing more.  Nothing Less.  Nothing in between.

This young lady didn't choose to say "To be loved by God, or to love God, or be known by God, or to know God.... But to be   His daughter.
To live her life knowing she IS His daughter, fully adopted and embraced by Him.

My mind drifts to a treasure I read & stuffed in the pocket of my heart earlier that particular morning...

"I must learn a new way to think before I can master a new way to be."

This 8th  grade child chose to learn a new way to think- one that aligns her with truth so that she can master a new way to be.... Being His daughter.

I can only imagine the life awaiting this simplistic yet wise individual.
Nothing hindering Gods plan and purpose on this life.
Nothing blocking the richness and provision predestined for this life.
Nothing clogging the pureness of His flow in this life.
Nothing inhibiting His presence and voice as He guides, leads and speaks in this life.
Nothing depleting His life-giving breath from this life.
Nothing ceasing His enormity of overflowing love in this life.

Nothing- but Jesus and His plan... not mine.
His desire....Not mine.
His way... Not mine.
His story... Not mine.

Could this be a guarantee to success- true success?
The kind that fills the depleted soul with wholeness.
The kind that fills the shackled spirit with freedom.
The kind that fills the tired bones with joy.
The kind that fills the anxious mind with peace.
The kind that fills the dissatisfied life with refreshment.
The kind that fills the inconstant thoughts with rest.
The kind that fills the weary strength with purpose.

And then I recognize this is a moment my experience matches the words of Jesus.

"Unless I change and become like a child, I will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  And whoever becomes as humble as this child will be the greatest in Heaven."

There is something about this word, humble, as my mind wanders back to just moments before when I witnessed the simplistic wisdom and beauty of her life goal.
Humility...  it's geniune leadership, isn't it?
True reverency.
True love.
True selflessness.
True life.

Could this 8th grade child possibly been the only wise soul in a room full of adults?
She taught me humility, right order and simplicity, this child on that June Saturday evening.

This child led me to the doorway of life and reminded me of my purpose during these short and fragile years on earth... to be His daughter.

Life-giving supernatural love now has the opportunity to manifest itself in the reservoir of my heart and release this selfish, goal-driven mentality to rest in the guidance and protection of my Father.

Oh, how grateful I am to be taught the lessons of life by a child.

"We may throw the dice, but God determines how they fall."
Proverbs 16:33


  1. Earlier this morning I read a comment from Erica Wiggenhorn, the Christian author of the 10 week Lifeway bible study entitled: Ezekiel: Every Life positioned for a purpose". In Ezekiel 1:26 God is shown in all his awesome majesty, sitting on a throne of Saphire; and her question was asking how we picture Christ when we pray; holding a lamb, on the cross, surrounded by little children or in all his resurrected majesty and in glory? I really had to stop and think about that. To remember who He is - right now - the all powerful creator of everything - is amazingly empowering to my faith. And now, to be reminded that I am God's daughter - well, that just gives me the boldness and conviction I need to step out in faith in the direction He has called me, here in the Olympic Peninsula. What an awesome God we serve and love! And fearlessly and boldly sharing our discoveries with our fellow sisters and brothers in Christ is exactly what we need in our country right now, to remind us that we are strong in Him alone and we must stand unwavering with Him in our calling to tell others about our wonderful Lord; oh,what that will do in many lives. Oh, may our country may be overcome with the largest revival in her history....Love you dear sister. Thank you for sharing <3

  2. Thank you for sharing that Moni; beautifully said❤️