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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's in a name?

What's your name?

The world gives us names.  All sorts of names.

Not good enough.
Not beautiful enough.
Not smart enough.
Not creative enough.
Not _______ enough.

What's the name you're believing that the enemy is whispering in your ear? In your heart?

If we don't know our God-given name, we're going to believe the name our enemy chooses to label us with. And trust me, he's naming us at this very moment.

Only those with ownership of us have the right & ability to name us, as our earthly parents did.  Satan works over time to speak a name over our lives so that he has ownership of our mind, will and emotions.

God has given each one of us a name! A name different, possibly, then the names our earthly parents chose.

Biblical names had meaning, direction and purpose, I'm recognizing as I flip through these pages of His word.
Biblical names were the authentic identity of a person, I begin to recognize.

Interesting, isn't it, how satan desires to name us a lie while he and his army work creatively & deceitfully to fully and completely convince us of this name?
We NEED to know our name! 

What's your name?

There's an epidemic of teen suicide right now in this country.
Within a 15 mile radius of my home, there has been a suicide in almost  every high school in the area within the last year.  Three of which have taken place this school year, and the first semester has not yet even ended.

We NEED to know our name!

What's your name?

These precious children do not know their name.
We're falling prey to the enemies lies of the name he labels us with.
We're falling prey to the world's name that has been placed over us as our identity and worth, or lack of.

We need to know our name so that when the enemy tells us who we are or who we are not (and he will) we can immediately, unequivocally speak back to him our God-given name which speaks of HOPE, REDEMPTION, PURPOSE, VALUE AND VISION.

What's your name?

God has a name that he has hand sowed into our spirit.
It's a name that identifies us as who we are in Him.  
Our name represents our authentic identity.

Not the identity the world gives.
Not the identity our status gives.
Not the identity our teachers or classmates gives.
Not the identity our vocation gives.
Not the identity our wealth gives.
Not the identity our poverty gives.
Not the identity others' opinions give.
Not the identity our past gives.

Our name is our identity; the name God chose while being knitted in our mothers womb.

We MUST know our name!

What's your name?
Be relentless in the pursuit.  Don't give up.  Ask God, plead with God.  We must know our name to win the every day battle of life in our belief system, in our thoughts, in our feelings & in our mind!

What's your name?

God originated names to speak as our identity.  
In the bible, God shares His chosen name for people, over and over.

For instance, He changed the name of Abram to Abraham (meaning 'Father of many')
He changed the name of Sarai to Sarah (meaning 'His princess')
He changed the name of Jacob to Israel (meaning 'Prevails with God)
He changed the name of simon to Peter (meaning 'The rock')
He changed the name of Solomon to Jedediah (meaning 'Hand-in-hand with God')

Can you imagine walking through life knowing your identity as "Father of many" or "Gods princess" or "I prevail with God" or "The rock" or I'm "hand-in-hand with God?"

Every day we are going to be faced with challenges, circumstances, storms, negative opinions, rejections, pain, betrayal, uncertainty... all of which the enemy will use as prime bait for us to grab hold of the name he calls us, in order that we fold under the excruciating weight of the negativity and deceit his name carries.

It's time to take a stand and know our name.

To scream it back at satan and use our lives to fulfill a greater calling and purpose than we could ever begin to know or imagine, when we live out our true authentic identity of our name.

What's your name?

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