These writings are for the imperfect person searching for more of the Perfect God.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The seven demons of the mind


I have heard it said you were held captive to seven demons of the mind.  Yes, quite possibly the same seven demons that haunt and torment us women today.   Maybe it was:

1. The demon of fear
2. The demon of guilt
3. The demon of shame
4. The demon of anxiety
5. The demon of despair
6. The demon of perfectionism
7. The demon of idolatry

Maybe, Mary, the demons in your mind caused a heaviness of heart, a torment of guilt and an unwanted roomate of gloom, maybe?

I can imagine the loneliness you encountered day after day.  The desperation for internal rest with no remedy to heal the tormenting ghosts within your head.  No answer.  No hope.  No rest.  No life.

Yes, Mary, I can imagine life was no longer worth living.  No longer worth dreaming.  No longer worth seeking... until.....

You encountered a cure.  The Cure.  In the form of a Person.  A Person who by with one look, broke your wall of shame. With one touch, snapped your chains of fear.  With one smile, unlocked your prison of depression. With one word, restored the joy of your soul.

Yes, Mary, the Cure found you- not because you deserved it, expected it, earned it or even looked for it.  No, He found you.  He pursued you.  And He freed you.

Oh, the enormity of the gratitude your heart must of exploded with.  If your experience was anything like mine, Mary, the gratitude is too immense, too drastic, too beautiful to place in a faulty human word.

You see, Mary, your experience of God's love snapping every unwanted stronghold in your mind outweighed the public opinion of Jesus.  It superseded on-lookers doubts.  It overlooked friend & family uncertainties.  It bypassed spiritual pastors distorted truth.  It over-rided the local authorities threats.  Your experience of being one person one day- and being another the next is simply because of an encounter with Jesus Christ, NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY!  No one.

Experience, Mary, is a foreshadow of unshakeable Faith.  Experiencing the Remedy to life reaches beyond threatening circumstances, traces further than impending struggles, and extends deeper than fear-driven disbelief.

Yes, your experience of being cured, your experience of being freed, and most significantly, your experience of being loved by the source of Love had enough power to transform and redeem that which was once broken and shattered into a beautiful redeemed spirit, radiating the very light of The Healer.

I see now, Mary Magdalene, why the pages of God's word repeatedly and purposefully share you followed Him- on the streets, in the temple, on the mountain sides, by the water fronts, at His trial, at His murder, at His burial, at His resurrection.

Devotedly following your Healer came with a temporary price, however.  The price of not only following Him during the season of fame & praise- but also that which no human being should ever witness with the human eye- the crucifixion.  Oh Mary, did the sound of the hammer hitting the nails which drove into His flesh and bones repeat itself in your mind?  Did the blood dripping down His bruised, whipped and beaten body play over and over in your thoughts?  Did the tears of Jesus' mother,  dropping on your shoulder as she wept, burn into your memory?  The very One who undeservingly gave you new life was now undeservingly stripped of His.... for you, for me, for us, for them.

Yet, Mary, you followed, all the way to the very ending- never wavering in your devotion, belief & love towards the One on the cross.  Because of what He did for you- the Healer of your mind, the
Remedy to your soul sickness  & the Hope of your heart- your devotion to Jesus was unwavering.

And how He honored this devotion, Mary, which blessed His heart beyond measure.  That which you suffered by refusing to leave Him in His darkest moment, He replaced with honor when He specifically & deliberately chose you, Mary, to be the first individual He revealed Himself to after His resurrection.  You?   A woman?  A wounded soul?  A troubled past?  A 'nobody?'  You, Mary?  

Although you are long deceased, your story and your legacy are woven into the very fiber of the foundation of love.  What the enemy intended for harm, God used for His glory.  To use that which was broken to reveal just how good, perfect and beautiful He is, is a direct depiction of who God uses today.  He came not for those that think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners in need of a savior.  Yes Mary, He chose you to bring the greatest message EVER given to mankind in the history of the world.  You.

To all us Mary's out there:  "When God revealed His kindness and love, He saved us.  Not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of the His mercy.   He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit.  He generously poured out the Spirit upon us through Jesus Christ our Savior.  Because of His grace, He declared us righteous..." -Titus 3 4-7


  1. Great words of encouragement. They read like poetry. Visiting from the first Soaring With Jesus blog party.
    This is the post that I linked up:

    1. Thank you for visiting Christina:) so grateful for His words of encouragement through your heart. Look forward to reading your link. Many blessings & His amazing grace on you & your family

  2. Beautiful look into the mind and heart of Mary. Please check out I'm a regular contributor to this wonderful women's e-zine, and Nina, the editor and Beth, the ass't editor are always looking for new voices that will reach women. Ruby is a magazine for women by women and a place to be heard. I'm sure they'd love this. Visiting from #soaringwednesday

  3. Thank you, Mary, for your words of encouragement. I will make sure to check out Ruby magazine:) Blessings and His grace, Joy