These writings are for the imperfect person searching for more of the Perfect God.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Rest and Refreshment

My 8 yr old Jesse woke early this morning and found me in my favorite quiet chair with a fresh cup of coffee. 

He slowly slid his warm pillow creased face onto mine, embracing his little body onto my lap. 

All the burdens, all the worries, all the concerns, all the heartaches, all the heavies of life were instantaneously erased as I felt the miracle of life and the overflow of love consume me.

When Jesse crawled into my lap, he was in need. 
In need, perhaps, of nurturing, safety, security, protection, love, warmth, acceptance, refreshment and rest. 

As he leaned his dependent heart, soul and body into mine, I was reminded this was the perfect depiction of relationship with God. 

I too, am in need of what Jesse desired as he vulnerably crawled up into the lap of what he knows to be his safe haven.

After spending time in God's lap there is a flood of refreshment, 
of desired newness, 
of welcomed fulfillment, 
of needed wholeness, 
of satisfying love. 

And yet the interesting twist I recognized this morning was an instant precious glimpse of what God experiences when we choose His lap for rest and refreshment from this dark and often times weary world-

I was the one blessed this morning by the presence of Jesse's non-self-protective, dependent little life in my lap. 

I was the one who experienced the miracle of life and the overflow of love. 

I was the one who benefited from knowing this little one found me to be a place of rest and refreshment.  

A place he could be Jesse- with no pretense, no masks, no facades, no fakeness, no masquerades. 

This gave me an awareness into Gods parental love of His wanting and desire for me to be in His lap.  Even though Jesse received what his heart needed in that moment, mine did as well.

God not only wants to fill us with His sustainable and unfathomable love, rest and refreshment; He in return is overwhelmed with joy, fulfillment, satisfaction & completeness.  It's this non-verbal love language that can only be shared through the transaction of crawling into His lap and placing our pillow creased face onto His.

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