These writings are for the imperfect person searching for more of the Perfect God.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ezekiel and Isaiah

Dear sweet little boys,

You bypassed this world and all the difficulties, unmet needs, confusion, pain, worries, uncertainties, violations, injustices and darkness it contains.

God had other plans for you, sweet ones.  He intricately, delicately and perfectly knit you both in your Mama's safe and secure womb, but not for the purpose of living and operating in this world.

No, your purpose was quite extraordinary.  You see, young warriors, extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people with extraordinary destinations.  And you, Ezekiel and Isaiah, had an extraordinary destination.

Your gentle and kind eyes will never see anything but the pervasive beauty that supersedes all human comprehension.

Your pure and undefiled hearts will know nothing but the constant saturation of a never-ending reservoir of flowing, all-consuming love.

Your untainted ears will hear nothing but the angelic voices of praise to the One who embraces you in His safe, secure and strong arms.

Your uncorrupted speech will never speak a word of hypocrisy, deceit, darkness or perversion.  No, your mouths utter only the unchartered waters of God's mysterious plans.  His glorious and radiant raw beauty.  His unquenchable, unlimited, overflowing steadfast love.  His incomprehensible kindness and wisdom.  And His immeasurable, boundless, make-no-sense gift of grace.

Your spirit will never be polluted with the harmful toxins of this world.  Instead, your spirit is engulfed in an atmosphere of love so thick it brings all the angelic beings to their knees in reverence and adoration for the One who IS love.

Oh, little boys, when we prayed over you, as you turned & tossed to and fro in your mama's womb, we offered up to Jesus prayers pleading for Him to infuse you with His spirit.  To fully equip, strengthen and empower you both to be World-Changers.  To prepare, purify and cleanse your hearts in order that you both would have the mind of Christ.

Little did we know, God, in ALL His goodness, was not only answering this prayer, but superseding our limited understanding of the enormity of His divine purpose, plan and calling He had imprinted on your lives.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Lean not on your own understanding.
Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your path." (prov3:4)

Isaiah and Ezekiel, you had a calling much greater than this world could contain.  Your "earthly" lives may have been short, yet the purpose and plan God delicately stamped into the fabric of your beings made more of a profound impact on the multitudes than most people make in an entire lifetime.

You see, we here on earth also have a unique calling.  Each and every human being has a specific, unique, unimaginable, extraordinary calling and purpose hand chosen by Christ Himself.  Not one person has escaped a specific and deliberate purpose which has been hand stitched into our soul.  yet sadly, little one's, most of us live an entire lifetime and not know, seek, find or live it out.

"No eye has seen.
 No ear has heard.
 No mind has imagined
 What God has prepared for those who love Him."
(1 Cor 2:9)

But you, yes the two of you, have heightened our awareness to the crucial, raw, vulnerable truth of recognizing we are a people called for such a time as this!

Yes, because of your sweet, powerful, impactful, sacrificial lives, we will seize being the same.  It's no longer an option.  We have been sent two angelic twin boys, much too pure for this world, to teach, show, share and reveal that the One who cradles you today has enabled us to live a life worthy of the calling He has predestined for our lives.

"May He give us the power to accomplish ALL the good things our faith prompts us to do.
Then, the name of Jesus will be honored because of the way we live...
This is all made possible because of the GRACE of our God and Lord Jesus Christ."
(2 Thes. 1:11-12)

Ezekiel and Isaiah- you are an ingredient of grace.  Grace is a gift of something undeserved.  Your lives were, are, and will always be a gentle, yet severe reminder of the power of God.  It surpasses time, it surpasses human reasoning, it surpasses all logic.  Yes, His power, through the gift and grace of your lives, surpasses understanding.  May your legacy of challenging each one of us to live a life of purpose, passion, meaning and love, never be quenched.  May your story flow freely and transformationally into the hearts of every generation to follow.

In loving memory of Ezekiel and Isaiah.
March 12, 2016