These writings are for the imperfect person searching for more of the Perfect God.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The silent war under our roof

There's a silent war in our home and it's being waged precisely and systematically under the comfort and protection of our families roof.

Social media.  

May I just put this out there?
Addiction doesn't discriminate. Whether your 13 or 43- addiction could give a rip.  It wants what it wants and no age, race, gender, nationality, economic position, or social class will cease the abrasion of the enslaving puncturing grips of addiction. 

As much as what the enemy intends for harm, God uses for good--every time;
It's also safe to say that what God intends for good, the enemy desires to use for harm.

And so he creepily, deceitfully, manipulatively and purposefully takes that which every family owns and attempts to use it as his instrument to entrap each member of the family in the comparison snare. In the jealousy ring. In the not good enough yoke.  In the keeping up with the Jones' treadmill.  In the lustful image mural. In the rejection trap. 

And it's all through a simple mechanism called Social media.  

We have an entire generation of precious young ones-- ones called to do the extraordinary, yet shackled to the dictation, to the addiction of the phone.  Lured by being entertained by the things of this world- often the very things our God died for. 

And truthfully, I as a parent, often fail brutally from being a good example in this department.

I'm reminded how every addiction begins as a simple counterfeit comfort. That's the lure, the false comfort; to fill in the cracks of the love deprived heart. And what better ingredient to use in his recipe of destruction than that of the convenient and readily available smart phone.

No matter how many repetitive daily efforts Jamie & I share with our three young ones regarding their enormous worth and value based on nothing but their identification of being a precious child of God; social media, with one simple click and without so much as an inkling of permission, manages to disengage every truth statement we speak over them. 

Worth becomes based on likes.  Value based on social status. Competency based on instagram followers. Excellence based on snapchat friends.  Credibility based on twitter retweets.  Beauty based on FB filtered selfies. Yep, the very elements which contradict the distinct character and heart of God.  Which, interestingly enough, is why Gods heart is adamantly and relentlessly against finding value and worth from anything outside of Him.  It ushers in destructive thoughts, hopeless despair, emotional exhaustion, painful loneliness, false unworthiness, constant restlessness, tormenting jealousy and counterfeit joy... just to name a few. 

We are finding our next generation, and if I get real-- myself in THIS generation, inundated with negative natural social media side effects such as these.  Worth and value soon become based on others opinions, which in return simply become the recipe for inevitable insanity.  All the while, the interpersonal, intimate connection amongst one another decreases while the superficial on-line illusion of a connection increases.

And yet, to underestimate the power of generational sin would be foolish for this family of mine.  

As my husband bravely, passionately and yet gently shed light with our babies into the family line, which consists of addiction on both sides in the generations of past, he looked straight into their pure clear sparkly blue eyes and said "I'm going to share something I heard a few years back that I've asked God to engrave in the very core of my heart-- to be recycled for such a time as this."

"And quite honestly," he said to the kids, "there isn't a day that passes that God doesnt remind me of this truth for  accountability in my own life." My husband, who won't dare even place his pinky toe so much in the realm of any form of social media, proceeded to share this quote while three sets of eyes fixated on his every word:
"The prison door of addiction is wide open, but satan makes it comfortable enough for you not to want to leave. The false comfort, the counterfeit joy, the fleeting applause all lure you in until, that is, without forewarning, the door slams shut."

It all began to make sense, I thought to myself as I listened even further to the Godly wisdom and compassionate insight the Holy Spirit provided him that evening with our children.  We are called to be as shrewd as a serpent, yet innocent as a dove (Matt. 10:16.)  And moderation, I thought to myself, is Gods healthy boundary of keeping hearts soft, souls clean, minds pure and lives full of His life-giving, generational-sin breaking light.

And as much as I'm prone to desire this, simply taking away the phone does little to nothing at a heart level. Oh, how I wish it were the answer-- to bubble wrap, to seperate their curious and innocent little selves from the world. Yet over and over again studies, biblical history and my own parenting failures prove to be true that law-based, legalistic parenting only scratches the surface, if that.  Yes, it's far reaching from the heart, and we along with God, by all accounts, are after the heart!

I suppose that's why the author of the book of 1 John ended his writing with one final thought--  One nugget of deep life-transforming truth that he so desperately desired his readers to passionatley ponder the most after reading his book.  It appears he counted it all meaningless if his readers didn't resolve to weave this last sentence into the fiber of their belief system. 

And so, I too, will end with that, knowing this is the exact moment, the exact place, where we enable the power of God to take that which the enemy intended for harm, and use it for good!  Interestingly enough, as God so often does, He makes life-giving truths not only simple to understand, but simple enough to attain through the power of His Spirit working within:  

"Little children, guard yourselves from idols" and "from anything that might take Gods place in your heart." (John 5:21)

There's the answer-- to guard.  To protect. To have proper boundaries, to consume in moderation -- which all derive from a heart choosing Him, above all else.  And it's precisely here, in this place of the heart, where moderation in all areas of life become a natural side effect of a right-ordered, God-fearing, love-abundant, obedient-heart kinda life. 

* If you have a young one at home who could use with receiving the words spoken in this blog, I have a beautiful 17 yr. old friend who has written something very similar, yet from the perspective of a teenager.  You and your family will be deeply impacted and touched by the vulnerability and wisdom revealed by this high school senior, Krissy Peruski, regarding the subject of social media and how, as a Christ-follower in the public school system, has combated this real and true battle our youth are facing moment by moment.
Be blessed by Krissy's heart.